Preserving Whitehall's Past  
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Whitehall Historical Preservation Society
P.O. Box 39 - Whitehall, PA 18052-0039
(610) 776-7280
Email WHPS At:
Helfrich Springs Grist Mill - 501 Mickley Road
Peter Grim Homestead - 506 Mickley Road
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WHPS Library
The Whitehall Historical Preservation Society has a genealogical and historical research library with a collection of information focusing on Whitehall Township in Lehigh County, PA and surrounding areas. The library is located in the Peter Grim Homestead house at the intersection of Mickley and Lehnert Roads in Whitehall Township.

Unlike other reference libraries, ours is a LENDING library, however, some rare books may not circulate.  The library is open to the public by appointment

or call 610-776-7280.

The collection includes:
Family Genealogies, Obituary Indexes, 1984-2000
Church Histories & Records, Immigrant Lists
Tax Lists, Census Records, Maps, Military,
Whitehall High School Yearbooks (1921-1982)
Photographs & Postcards
County & Township Histories


Whitehall-Coplay Press, 1992-present
N.E.W.S.F.A.C.T.S, c.1950s


Industrial History:
Iron, Cement, Geology, Railroad & Trolley, Dent  Hardware, Lehigh Valley Dairy

Municipal Services:
Fire Department, Water Supply, Civic Organizations

2011 Note:

The resources listed on the website, especially the books, are a partial listing of what the Society has in its Library / Archives collections. In particular, recently aquired materials are not listed, partly because the Library is undergoing renovations. Among the most recent additions are the books BETHLEHEM STEEL in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: a photographic history and LOOKING BACK: A pictorial view at the Lehigh Valley and surrounding counties (1850-1920). Please email WHPS at or call about a local subject you may be interested in.

Library Guidelines:

1. WHPS members in good standing may borrow books for $1 fee per book for a period of up to one (1) month.  Books must be returned by the next WHPS monthly meeting (last Wednesday of the month), unless otherwise approved by the librarian.  If not returned in a timely manner, a renewal fee of $1 per month will be charged until the book is returned.  Identification may be required for borrowing.  Borrowers are required to return the book in the same condition as it was when borrowed.  WHPS reserves the right to bill borrowers for damaged, lost, or unreturned books up to current replacement values.

2. Non-members may use the library for a fee of $3 per day.  Non-members may not borrow books.

3. There will be a fee of $.25 per page for photocopies or $.25 per page for computer printouts.  The librarian reserves the right to use his/her judgement in honoring requests for photocopies, bearing in mind the condition of the material to be copied and copyright laws.

4. Research inquiries received via mail require a $5.00 processing fee as well as a research fee of $10.00 per hour.  Research will be completed after payment has been received, and the information will be provided via mail or email.  Mail inquiries to: WHPS, P.O. Box 39, Whitehall, PA 18052-0039 or email




The WHPS Llibrary collection also contains VHS videos that detail a variety of historical topics related to Whitehall Township. Click here to see the videos available.


The WHPS Library contains many maps. Among the maps are corporate maps, municipal maps, planning maps, landowner maps, railroad maps and more. Click here to see a complete list of maps.


The WHPS Library contains many books covering many historic topics. Click here to see a list of books.


CD Roms
In addition to books and maps the WHPS Library also has a collection of CD Roms. Click here to see a complete list of CD Roms.